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Dakotaland Financial Services Introduces Tax Refund Loan

Monday, January 9, 2017

Dakotaland Financial Services Introduces Tax Refund Loan

Huron, South Dakota - January 9, 2017 Due to a recent announcement by the IRS, certain tax refunds will be held until at least February 15th. In some cases, this could cause a financial hardship on early tax filers who may have their returns delayed. “An interest free Tax Refund Loan through Dakotaland Federal Credit Union will offer relief to those filers whom are affected by the temporary hold on refunds. It will allow them the opportunity to access a portion of their funds now, while waiting for their full refund to be released by the IRS,” stated Manager and Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor, Andrea Bruggeman.

According to the IRS, beginning in 2017, if you claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) on your tax return, the IRS must hold your refund until at least February 15th. This is true even for the portion of your return not associated with EIC or ACTC. To alleviate any inconvenience this may cause tax filers, Dakotaland Financial Services has partnered with Dakotaland Federal Credit Union to offer, effectively immediately, a 0% interest loan up to $1,500.00. To qualify, taxes must be prepared at Dakotaland Financial Services and IRS refunds must be direct deposit into a Dakotaland FCU account. To make an appointment or to seek assistance, contact Andrea at 605.353.8777.

Dakotaland Financial Services is located on the second floor of Dakotaland Federal Credit Union’s main office building at 1371 Dakota Avenue South in Huron. The business was established in 2015 and is able to assist with a full-line of services including; bookkeeping, payroll processing, payroll reporting, tax planning and preparation, and other related services.



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