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Dakotaland Financial Services Prepares for Steven R Hein CPA Merger

Friday, December 1, 2017
Huron, South Dakota - November 30, 2017 Dakotaland Financial Services LLC (DFS) recently acquired Steven R Hein CPA's accounting practice and now prepares for a January 1, 2018 merger. Both organizations reside in Huron and offer tax planning and preparation, payroll, and bookkeeping services. “Steven R Hein has a long history in accounting services and has been providing reputable products and services to his clients for over 30 years. We look forward to continuing that level of commitment as he joins our organization,” stated Dakotaland Financial Services Manager, Andrea Brueggeman.

Mr. Hein will continue to operate from his current office location at 110 3rd St SW in Huron until the end of 2018. At which time he will relocate to Dakotaland Financial Services housed on the second floor of 1371 Dakota Avenue South. “I am grateful for the friendship and business opportunities brought to me by my clients and I am confident my new affiliation will continue to serve our clients well,” shared Steven R Hein.

Once the organizations are merged, the next order of business will be to prepare for the upcoming tax season. “Tax preparation is a large part of our business and the addition of Steven R Hein CPA's experience will ensure we are more than capable of providing timely and accurate service to our clients in 2018,” added Brueggeman.

Dakotaland Financial Services LLC is an independent Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) of Dakotaland Federal Credit Union in Huron. DFS was established in 2015 and offers customizable full service tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services to both individuals and businesses, as well as other related services.


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