There are many reasons to outsource your bookkeeping responsibilities. You may be a small business owner that does not have the expertise, desire or the time to dedicate to the demands. You may be responsible for the financial management of an aging parent(s) or individual that has been determined unable to oversee their own finances, which may prove to be a bit overwhelming. Perhaps you have lost your spouse and the management of your cash and assets is not something you feel comfortable doing alone. Regardless the reason, Dakotaland Financial Services can tailor a solution to fit your unique situation and relieve you of the continuous burden.

Bookkeeping Services

Cash Management

  - Enter deposits and write checks
  - Reconcile bank | investment accoungs

Accoungs Receivable

  - Enter customer charges
  - Process billings | statements
  - Record payments received

Capital Assets

  - Track purchases and depreciation expenses

Accounts Payable

  - Enter invoices
  - Process bill payments
  - Monthly sales tax reporting

Annual Reporting

  - 1099/1096 (IRS required reporting)

Why Dakotaland Financial Services is the Right Choice

It's Your Time

The bottom line is it takes time to keep your own books; time you could be spending on other areas of your business or family life. Upon a brief consultation with Dakotaland Financial Services, you may find it makes financial sense to outsource your bookkeeping.

Getting It Right

When you partner with Dakotaland Financial Services, you can be confident you are gaining the expertise, resources, knowledge and technical tools to ensure your bookkeeping is done accurately, securely and on time.

No Conflict of Interest

You may be in a partnership or business arrangement where there is more than one individual with an interest in the accounting of your business. These relationships can easily be stressed if there is any accusation of misconduct with bookkeeping. Dakotaland Financial Services can successfully carry out the transactions and take the potential conflict of interest out of the equation.

Save on Staffing

Today, there is no need to hire an in-house bookkeeping for most small businesses. If you simply need someone for a few hours a day or a few hours a week Dakotaland Financial Services can save you money on a salary, benefits and office space.

A Call or Click Away

With the advances in technology, communicating with Dakotaland Financial Services can be as seamless as you desire. The ease of sharing files and transmitting data can be done effectively, yet securely. Keep in mind, in some cases, we can utilize your current bookkeeping system and perform services on-site at your place of business.